Category: IV. History of Events

a. Pausanias, History of Events

Pausanias 5.8.5–5.8.11 [5.8.5] After the reign of Oxylus, who also celebrated the games, the Olympic festival was discontinued until the reign of Iphitus. When Iphitus, as I have already related, renewed the games, men had by this time forgotten the ancient tradition, the memory of which revived bit by bit, and as it revived they made additions to the games. [5.8.6] This I can prove; for when the unbroken tradition of the Olympiads began there was […] more

b. Philostratus’ Origins of Gymnic Events

(Translation by Charles Stocking, arranged in chronological sequence according to Pausanias) Stadion [Peri Gymnastikês 5] The stadion was discovered as follows: When the Eleans sacrificed, they placed the offerings on the altar, however much they did customarily, but the fire was not at all carried by them. The runners were a stade distance from the altar and a priest stood before it with a torch, acting as judge The one who won, having lit the offerings, […] more